Hello Family and Friends! 

Welcome to our grand-leap-into-technology "Anne and Richard's Wedding Website"

We hope you will find everything you need to know on these pages. 

Please RSVP on this site as well (yep... on the RSVP page).  As recipient of Email Invitiation we sent you, when you open the RSVP page, you'll be instructed to just write in your individual name (no prefixes of Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, etc - just your first and last name, please)  and we will magically know the number and names of invitations included for your family.  If this part of the technology formula doesn't work (AKA we didn't code it behind the scenes correctly), we will also magically know and we will email you or call you to clarify.

If you have questions for us, either call or email us at:    

amtarpey@aol.com   or  rflanders@citlink.net

We thank you and hope to see you for our Marriage Ceremony and Wedding Celebration!

Much Love,

Anne and Richard



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